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Standards of Conduct

These standards are an extension of our Values, and clearly state expectations for how we conduct ourselves to promote and protect the integrity of our Mission. Every Associate and Medical Staff member is responsible to act in a manner consistent with these standards.

Quality of Care

At Ascension Health, we serve the whole person in his or her spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physician dimensions. We provide complete and compassionate care; respect and safeguard the dignity of the patient; and allow patients’ access to all the medical and ethical information necessary to make decisions about their care.

Laws and Regulations

We operate in accordance with all laws and regulations. Laws and regulations apply to areas such as patient referrals, employment, physician relationships, billing and payment practices, discount arrangements, lobbying, political contributions, the environment, health and safety, and working with payers and regulatory agencies.

Model Community

We cultivate a model community where Associates and Medical Staff are:

  • Highly regarded
  • Treated honestly and respectfully
  • Protected to promote health and safety
  • Motivated to reach their potential
  • Given opportunities for learning and advancement
  • Given opportunities to participate in decisions that affect their working conditions
  • Provided proper facilities and equipment to serve
  • Provided means to resolve conflicts
  • Recognized and rewarded for their achievements

Business and Ethical Practices

We are committed to ethical business conduct, including the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services. We represent Ascension Health accurately and honestly and do nothing that purposely defrauds anyone--including our patients, Ascension Health, other companies, the government--of money, property or services.


We treat information in confidence, particularly patient and family information. We abide by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements, professional ethical guidelines and the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services. We protect and secure written, verbal and electronic information at all times.

Conflicts of Interest

We act in the best interest of our patients we serve and the organization. We do not use our position to profit personally or to assist others in profiting in any improper way. We report conflicts of interest to our supervisor or Corporate Responsibility Officer.

Maintaining the Standards of Conduct

Each Associate or Medical Staff is responsible to maintain these standards in their personal actions, to encourage them in fellow staff members, and to report breeches of the standard should they occur in order to end and correct the improper conduct. Those in immediate supervision should be contacted first.

The Corporate Responsibility Officer

A Corporate Responsibility Officer (CRO) is appointed in each organization. Associates and Medical Staff may also report improper conduct or conflicts of interest to the CRO personally and confidentially.

The Values Line

The Values Line provides another means of reporting confidentially. Call toll-free - 800.707.2198 or submit your report at

The CorpRespBrochure.pdf (PDF) will answer any additional questions you may have about the program and reporting violations or concerns.

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