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Our Model of Formationformationquote1

The common desire for meaning and connection that humans share indicates that each unique human spirit is oriented toward transcendence—a deeper spiritual reality—and toward one another in community.  Our formation processes promote community and are designed to meet people where they are on their journey to deeper connection with the Sacred, while assisting them to continue to grow spiritually.  All of our Formation programs promote spiritual growth through personal and communal reflection, which encourages deeper personal awareness and connection to God, self, others and the world in which we live.

The four quadrants depicted here, based on the work of philosopher Ken Wilber, illustrate four dimensions of a person’s integral human experience. This diagram serves as a “map” that guides our formation processes and helps us to describe the desired outcomes of formation in terms of integrity and alignment.  Reflection facilitates deeper awareness of one’s dispositions and personal values, and the influence of that interior life on one’s decisions and behavior, which together promote integrity.  Communal reflection that increases awareness of organizational culture and its relationship to policies, practices and systems likewise promotes integrity.

When all four quadrants are effectively engaged in light of our Mission, Vision and Values, formation can create an environment in which personal integrity promotes and is supported by organizational integrity.  The result is greater alignment between individuals and organizational culture, which enables both personal and organizational mission to flourish.


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