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  1. Delivering Clinically Excellent and Safe Person-Centered Care
  2. High Reliability Organization
  3. Fostering a Model Community of Inspired Associates
  4. Our Ongoing Quality Journey

Delivering Clinically Excellent and Safe Person-Centered Care. We deliver spiritually centered care that supports the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual needs of the person. Clinically excellent and safe care requires an organization that is highly reliable and dependent on each associate and medical staff member’s participation in a culture of High Reliability. A High Reliability Organization is one that delivers on what it intends to do, putting in place systems, processes and behaviors to build strong teams that will prevent errors and improve all areas of safety and experience for patients and associates.

High Reliability Organization. In our unending journey to the highest levels of quality, safety and satisfaction for patients and clinicians, we are engaged in a number of focused and carefully measured High Reliability efforts. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality defines high-reliability organizations as "organizations with systems in place that are exceptionally consistent in accomplishing their goals and avoiding potentially catastrophic errors."

Ascension Health is committed to being a High Reliability Organization, focusing on the individual events and human factors that contribute to errors in the healthcare environment. Our approach includes training each of our associates and admitting physicians.

As a highly reliable health system, it is expected that Ascension Health and its hospitals will consistently deliver safe, reliable, evidence-based care. The work of being a highly reliable health system requires:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Committed people to promote behaviors
  3. Systems
  4. Quick recovery from errors
  5. Processes
  6. Ongoing learning

Ultimately, High Reliability requires us to understand errors, learn from them and correct the underlying causes.

Fostering a Model Community of Inspired Associates. Our associates are at the core of our service as a Catholic health ministry. Model Community is our mutual commitment: Ascension Health’s organizational commitment to associates for their full flourishing—personally and professionally—and our associates’ personal commitment to the ministry and to one another, all in service of our Mission.

Our Ongoing Quality Journey. Ascension Health has been able to achieve its success in patient safety and quality through a ministry-led approach in which the patient is at the center of all we do. In order to continue our quality journey, we know we will need to continue to evolve, especially given the external challenges and opportunities being faced by the healthcare field.

Our model recognizes the different but complementary roles and responsibilities of healthcare providers, including Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Medical Officers, Chief Nursing Officers, mid-level managers and front-line care providers and quality/risk professionals, as well as support services like Information Technology and The Resource Group for contracted supplies and services. We call this the “Interdisciplinary Care Team of the Future,” where all of these individuals and groups are aligned, with the patient at the center.

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