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Strategic Direction


We will fulfill our promise to those we serve by delivering Healthcare That Works, Healthcare That Is Safe, and Healthcare That Leaves No One Behind, for life. Through this Call to Action, we will strive to provide access for all to care that is safe and clinically excellent in ways that satisfy patients, associates and physicians.

This will be made possible by:

  • Inspired people - a model community of Mission-centered associates whose physical, spiritual and professional needs are met;
  • Trusted partnerships - relationships with others who have compatible values and whose services complement and support our own;
  • Empowering knowledge - creating a connected ministry that uses technology to ensure our best thinking and practices area available to every patient, and
  • Vital presence - we will be where we are needed, how we are needed to be there.

Together we will realize our Vision and transform healthcare. Learn more by watching a brief video.

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