Financial Data (Dollars in Millions)

    Financial Data

    Care of Persons Living in Poverty and Community Benefit: $1,286 Million (Fiscal Year 2012, in Percentages)

    Care of Persons Living in Poverty and Community Benefits - Chart

    Equivalent Discharges

    Equivalent Discharges

    (1) Updated to include the impacts of discontinued operations in Fiscal Year 2012.

    *The cost of providing care to persons living in poverty and community benefit programs is estimated using each facility's internal cost data in compliance with guidelines established by both the Catholic Health Association (CHA) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The calculation to estimate the cost of these programs involves multiplying the charges for specific categories of uncompensated care and community benefit programs by the cost-to-charge ratio. This converts the amount the facility would have charged for those services to the expense incurred by the facility in providing the services.

    These figures do not include Medicare shortfalls.

    ** Income from recurring operations excludes impairment, restructuring and nonrecurring expenses.


    Consistent with our Mission of service to people living in poverty and other vulnerable persons, Ascension Health Alliance accepts patients without regard to their ability to pay. We are grateful to those people who made donations to our Health Ministries’ foundations for their continued support of our Health Ministries. Donor gifts were approximately $108 million in Fiscal Year 2012. This support enables the Health Ministries of Ascension Health Alliance to make a difference in the communities they serve by providing funds to expand our Mission, start construction of new facilities, acquire technology and offset program expenses.

    United Way Support

    We are pleased to recognize our associates for their support of the United Way in their local communities. In Fiscal Year 2012, associates contributed $1.9 million to their local United Way campaigns.

    Systemwide Statistics (Fiscal Year 2012)

    Systemwide Statistics